Here’s why it makes sense to work with our team when selling.

When it comes to hiring real estate representation, you have plenty of options in today’s market, but we’re confident that our team is your best bet. Today we’ll explain why you should consider us when selling your home.

We know that sellers want to know three things:

  1. What’s my home worth?
  2. How much will I net after everything is paid?
  3. Are you the best team for the job? 

After years in the business, we are experts on price. We sold our listings at an average of 102% over list price in 2021. The massive online exposure we provide combined with excellent communication is designed to make the process smooth and effortless. 

Our team was ranked the #9 medium-sized team in Arizona out of 60,000 options. The average agent only sells four homes annually, but we helped over 200 sellers last year. The average agent also only gets you 99% of your list price; imagine what you can do with the extra 3% my team will net you at a minimum. 

We consider ourselves highly blessed to serve our community. Call or message us, and we’ll prove that we’re your best option. We look forward to hearing from you!