Today I’m visiting the Fat Ox restaurant in central Scottsdale to chat with head chef and owner Matt Carter. Located just a few minutes from Old Town Scottsdale and within walking distance of the new Ritz-Carlton being built, the Fat Ox is in one of the most amazing corners you can be in. 

Matt is also the head chef at Zinc Bistro and The Mission. Even before he opened Zinc Bistro 20 years ago, Matt wanted to open an Italian restaurant and explore Italian cuisine and the similar products we have here in Arizona such as figs, olives, and citrus. Additionally, a lot of the wheat that’s grown in Italy is also grown in the Southwest. According to Matt, really dry wheat makes for great pasta. “Just so I could make pasta, we built this restaurant,” he jokes. 

“Even before he opened Zinc Bistro 20 years ago, Matt wanted to open an Italian restaurant and explore Italian cuisine.”

Development took many years, of course, but Matt claims that if he had opened Fat Ox at a different location with a different group, it wouldn’t have the panache that this establishment does. He grew up in the same area and has many memories of eating here, so he refers to Fat Ox’s location as a ‘legacy corner.’ It’s really a destination restaurant, which is why I was so excited to film this video and showcase it to my clients and anyone visiting Scottsdale. The view they have of the outside (see at 3:08) is practically a billboard of our city. Whether you’re traveling, here on business, or dining with family, the Fat Ox checks all the boxes.

Speaking of, if you’re coming to Scottsdale soon and want to visit the Fat Ox, Matt suggests getting a Passport Dining card. That way you can sample all of his other restaurants and try different cuisines from around the world. This has become a popular option for foodies. You can get French onion soup at Zinc Bistro on a Friday night, hit up Fat Ox the next night and try their homemade pasta, and finish off the weekend with some fresh tacos at The Mission. 

Many thanks to Matt for letting me interview him in today’s video. If you’d like to know more about the Fat Ox, feel free to visit their website. If you have any questions for me, real estate or otherwise, don’t hesitate to call or email me. I’d love to hear from you.