Three must-ask questions if you’re interviewing a real estate agent.

You’re thinking about leasing your property, and it so happens that you have a friend in the business—like most of us do. Should you go to that friend for help or find a real estate professional instead?

To answer this question, you have to think of it this way: If you have hard-earned money that you’re ready to invest, will you call your friend or a financial planner? If your back hurts, will you call your mom who’s not a doctor or a physical therapist?

“I recommend you interview anywhere between two to three agents. ”

When you have a property to sell, it will be one of the largest transactions of your life, so I recommend you interview anywhere between two to three agents. From there, find the one that can help you the best. 

So what are the best questions to ask a Realtor who you’re interviewing for the job of selling your property? First, you have to ask how many homes have they listed and sold in the last six months. Second, ask about their list price and sales price ratio. Lastly, ask them how long it will take your property to be sold based on their price recommendation.

If the realtor can’t answer those questions quickly and with confidence, it’s time to move on to the next interview; of course, I would love to show you how my performance will outsell those promises out there. I would love to serve. Call or email me. Let’s connect!