Every home seller wants top dollar for their property, so many turn to making updates and upgrades to their home in order to maximize its value.

Typically, money is better spent inside the home versus outside, so you may want to wait on fixing up the driveway or investing in a newer fence, for example. 

Truly, the rooms that should be your focus are the kitchen and bathrooms. Buyers are searching for turnkey properties that will involve as little hassle as possible. Ideally, they want to just hand over their down payment and mortgage and move right into the home.

Whenever we put up a new construction home for sale, or a home that’s already been renovated, it’s always an easier sale than trying to market a home that’s been neglected. 

“If you’re needing home improvements, start with the kitchen.”

If you’re needing home improvements, deal with the kitchen first. This is where families spend the most time; it’s hard to imagine celebrating a holiday without all your relatives mingling in a kitchen as they load up on food. Generally, buyers love an open concept where the living room flows into a modernized kitchen with an island as a focal point. 

Kitchen renovations can be costly and extensive, so it’s no wonder buyers prefer properties where all the heavy lifting of remodeling has already been done and the kitchen is up-to-date and stylish. 

When it comes to bathrooms, you want them light, bright, and uncluttered. Design-wise, think modern, fresh, and sleek. This is the second most impactful renovation you can make. 

If you’re thinking about painting the interior, stop thinking and just do it! You can’t go wrong; you’ll get a 150% return on your investment, as painting is the cheapest way to make your home feel fresh and new. Buyers will see the value right away. 

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