One Home at a Time Housing Solutions can help anyone facing difficulties making their mortgage payments.

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Today I’m joined by special guest Maurice Brundidge of One Home at a Time Housing Solutions to discuss how they can assist anyone who has missed several mortgage payments and is facing foreclosure.

First, Maurice and his company perform a financial assessment of that individual or family to determine whether they can realistically afford to keep their house. If they can, they’ll put together a financial package that they can submit to their lender to request a loan modification. This package will consist of a hardship letter, their financial documents, and the lender application.

If your application for a loan modification was turned down and you found the process intimidating or frustrating, they’ll make the experience much easier the second time around.

“We know that life happens, but there are options out there for you.”

If you’re on the verge of missing a payment, Maurice’s first piece of advice is to contact your lender and inform them of your situation. Lenders have programs in their imminent default area that will consider a loan modification on your behalf before you become a delinquent.

If you previously received a modification and you’re on the verge of becoming a delinquent again, you can apply for another modification, but you can’t apply for the same reason as your previous application.

We know that life happens, but there are options out there for you that can allow you to keep your home. If you’d like to get in touch with Maurice or would like a free consultation from him, just give him a call at (602) 703-4228.

If you have any more questions for us about this topic or want to know what’s going on in our market, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be glad to help you.