We’re excited to announce our new program that will allow us to give back to the heroes in our community. Learn how it works here.

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I’m here today with my preferred lender, Tom Ross of Bay Equity, and we’ve been talking about how we can give back to our community, particularly to the people who have and still serve us in the community.

I’m so excited because we finally have a program designed to do just that: Giving to Heroes. Who qualifies as a hero? In this context, a hero could be any person who dedicates their lives to serving us in the community—such as a teacher, a nurse, a firefighter, a police officer, an active duty military serviceperson, a veteran, or, slightly controversially, an employee of the government sector.

“We’re so excited to be able to contribute and give back.”

With this program, we’re able to contribute toward these heroes’ closing costs as our little way of thanking them for spending their lives serving us. We’re so excited to be able to contribute and give back.

If you have any lending questions for Tom, he can be reached at (602) 791-5861 or at tross@bayeq.comtross@bayeq.com.

If you’re curious about purchasing a property and you’re a hero, please feel free to reach out to us. We would love to serve you back.