Today I’ve invited Derek Greene of Get Your Move On to talk a little about his moving company and offer his advice to any homeowners out there facing a move. 

Derek started Get Your Move on when he was 24, which makes 2021 their 16th year in business. In that time, he asserts that two things have driven him: 1) never turn down any work, and 2) never leave a customer behind who has a bad taste in their mouth. 

“That takes work,” Derek says. “We’re not perfect in our industry—nobody is—but we work very very hard, very expeditiously, if there are challenges and issues, to resolve them right away without any questions asked.”

Get Your Move On is nearly perfect in that regard as far as my past clients’ experiences go, and they were able to help roughly 2,000 families move last year. About 85% of those were residential/local moves, and the other 15% were interstate moves, so they can handle both types of arrangements. 

“Get Your Move On is nearly perfect in that regard in my past clients’ experiences, and they were able to help roughly 2,000 families move last year.”

With so many people buying and selling homes at the same time, there are a lot of simultaneous moves happening out there. When you have a simultaneous close, you’re effectively homeless for four to 48 hours, and Get Your Move On can store your belongings inside a secure, climate-controlled warehouse overnight, which is very economical. 

This way, you don’t have to pay for PODS or other mini-storage options. If you think you’ll need to pursue these options, Derek invites you to give them a call so they can try solving any challenging logistical problems you may have. After that, they’ll give you a quote and let you decide what’s best for your situation. 

Just like Realtors, there are a lot of moving companies out there. What makes Get Your Move On Different? According to Derek, if your move carries certain challenges, about 90% of all movers there will mishandle them. Half of those, he claims, are rogue movers with malintent. The other half are simply incompetent when it comes to running a small business, which is difficult. The remaining 10% are the ones who do high-level work, and Derek and his company pride themselves on providing high-level service. 

“It really comes down to having a Nordstrom approach to a customer service problem. Everybody in our company has a core value of humility, and when we do have challenges, we’re not going to start figuring out whose fault it was. We’re just going to solve the problem, and then on the back end, take it as feedback on how to improve our company. I think that’s unique in a service business, as gritty and grimy as the moving business is.” 

If you have questions for Derek or would like to speak to him, you can reach him by phone at (480) 695-6621. If you have any real estate needs I can help you with, feel free to call or email me anytime. I’d love to hear from you.