Sharing two strategies that will help you get your offer accepted.

Are you struggling to get your offers accepted? That can be a difficult thing in today’s market, so know you’re not alone. With my experience and expertise, I have come up with two tips I highly suggest utilizing to get your offer accepted: 

1. Communicate with the other agent. You and your agent need to show that your offer is the best one. Therefore, it is crucial to follow up with them over a phone call, text, or email. That agent needs to know they’re going to enjoy working with you and that your offer will close, so show them that. 

2. Include an appraisal shortfall. This means that if the property appraises for less than the asking price, you as the buyer will commit to paying the difference. This gives the seller confidence that you’re committed. For example, if your offer is for $1 million with a $25,000 shortfall and the house appraises for $975,000, you will cover the difference. 

These strategies will help you win in today’s market. However, there are still so many more techniques for winning an offer, so if you’re interested in learning about them, know that I’d love to help. You can call or email me anytime and I would be happy to apply for the job of being your agent.