We’ve got plenty of tips for potential home sellers out there. Here are five of them.

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Are you in the process of getting your house ready to put on the market? If so, here are a few tips to help you:

1. Don’t overprice your home. Pricing is everything when marketing your home for sale. Even a well-priced home with a bad marketing plan will sell, but an overpriced home won’t.

2. Failing to make repairs. If the dog chewed something up or there are other minor damages that a buyer would spot immediately, get those fixed before you get the property listed and start taking pictures.

3. Neglecting to declutter your home. If you have a lot of personal items, boxes, or general clutter, that’s one of the first things a buyer will notice. As part of our services, we bring a professional stager out to our buyers’ properties to help declutter and stage the property.

“Try not to turn down any showings, if possible.”

4. Don’t turn down showings. To get your home sold quickly and for top dollar, it should be about when it’s most convenient for an agent to show your property, not the other way around.

5. Getting overly emotional about your home. Think of your home as a property or an asset than as your home. This shift in mindset will help you maximize the sale price.

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