Has there ever been a time when you knew something was too good to be true? You may have done it anyway, and just like you figured, it didn’t work out at all. That’s a bit how it is in real estate right now. So many companies are marketing well but making promises they just can’t follow through with. Let’s go over some of these gimmicks so that you don’t fall for any of them:

1. “We’ll only market the property for two hours.” If you take three or four days, you’ll get at least double the exposure on your property. Do you really want to sacrifice how much you could sell over list price for a little bit of convenience?

“So many companies are marketing well but not following through on their promises.”

2. “We’ll only market it to our buyers.” Do you really want to limit the buyers like this? We have 37,000 Realtors that are a part of our MLS system. Not to mention, the house will get on sites like Zillow, and way more people will see it there.

3. “We’ll save you more money.” You should ask yourself: What is saving this amount of money going to cost me? You’ll want to check out an agent’s track record and make sure you’re not sacrificing quality for a little bit of a discount.

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